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MUSTANG MAKEOVER approved. Updated on October 11, 2020: 

The MUSTANG MAKEOVER will take place in the Deutsche Bank Stadium (officially confirmed). We are looking forward to a great weekend from 17.-18.10.2020 with you. 

Security is important to us, therefore the MUSTANG MAKEOVER will take place with a maximum of 1.000 people. We have developed a hygiene concept which was developed together with the health authority in Aachen. From the point of view of the health authority of the city region of Aachen, the concept contains sufficient measures to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and to protect against infection.

We are occasionally asked whether tickets can now still be converted into vouchers (due to the current Covid-19 situation) or cancelled and refunded. Unfortunately this is not possible at such short notice. Of course you can also give your ticket to someone else. Please note that in this case we need the change of your personal data by Tuesday, 24.00 hrs. You can find the link to the registration form on our website (home page). If you can't or don't want to come to Aachen, we will be happy to set up a live stream and media library access for you as an alternative - please send us your request via this link

(Feedback by mail or phone, or PN) we can not process for time reasons). However, we can only offer this service until Tuesday, 24.00 hrs, as we will then move our offices to Aachen and start setting up and setting up the security structures.

Together with you, we would like to implement this concept, be a role model and pioneer so that more events in the equestrian sector can take place again soon. Thank you for your cooperation. So: Please do not forget masks!

Visitor information HERE Hygienic rules HERE

If you have not yet given us the data of the persons accompanying you, please do so here. We need name, first name, address, e-mail, phone number. 

The current situation required some changes, but we are sure that MAKEOVER is and remains the event of the heart. We are very happy that we have found a way to point out the difficult situation of the Mustangs in 2020 and to give the trainers the chance to work with these unique horses, to find a home for many Mustangs.

Since we cannot estimate whether the regulations for events will remain unchanged, combined with the wish not to endanger the health of our visitors, we are still in close coordination with the authorities to be able to react quickly.

This is new with the MUSTANG MAKEOVER 17-18.10.2020:

- The MUSTANG MAKEOVER will allow a maximum of 1,000 guests on the premises - a reduction in the size of the event.

- Trainer Challenge, Academy and the final show will take place in the Deutsche Bank Stadium.

- The MUSTANG VILLAGE will be open as usual - the outdoor pitch will not be used for the event.

- Due to the lower number of visitors, there will be only a small exhibition with very few selected partners, which will be set up opposite the MUSTANG VILLAGE.

- We will reassign all seats, taking into account the different categories. We ask for your understanding and promise that everyone can see great from their seat. 

- Of course we will follow the regulations of the authorities, with reference to the then valid Corona regulations. This requires that we allocate a little more space to people who do not live in a household.

- NEW 2020: The complete event will be broadcasted live worldwide, tickets are available HERE (start expected July 20th, 2020) 

All tickets remain valid for the replacement event unless conversion to a voucher has been requested.

Current status of voucher creation:
Except for a few individual cases, all vouchers have been created. If you have received no information about this by 25.7.2020, please send a short message with your customer number to:

Are all requests concerning the tickets processed: 
Except for a few individual cases yes. Please excuse the delays, but the current situation is very challenging for us. We can only work with half of our staff due to the business development.

Important information for buyers of day tickets Sunday:
*Due to the reduction of the EVENTS, buyers of the Day Tickets Sunday (the tickets without the final show) can unfortunately not participate in the EVENT on site as usual this year, we ask for your understanding. These ticket owners will either get LIVE Stream access for free or will receive a voucher for 2021 - of their choice.

If you haven't already done so, send us your wishes using the form provided - here is the link and enter your customer number.

Are there still tickets available?
The event of the hearts is sold out. We are currently checking if there are still a few tickets available for Saturday. Since only a few people can experience the magic of the Mustangs live, in 2020 there will be a LIVE stream for the first time in the history of the MUSTANG MAKEOVER to offer Mustang fans worldwide the possibility to participate in the EVENT. The transmission will take place in the languages German/English Co-Moderation. So we can hopefully cushion the "Corona-conditioned" massive financial losses a little bit. Go to the ticket store HERE

Is there a media library with training tips and more information about the Mustang Training 2020?Yes, a highlight for horse lovers is the MUSTANG MAKEOVER media library. For only 29,95€ you will receive about 90 videos in this season until October, which will be added over time. The videos are available exclusively on Vimeo! In this season you will be able to see the following content: Exclusive insights into the training of the 16 mustangs - training tips on exciting topics such as the first saddle - free work - desensitization - breaking in - cross-country training and much more - partly uncut training units with wild mustangs - great explanation on how to implement for your training - different training methods of the 16 European trainers, which you can compare with each other. Profit from a total of about 90 videos (which will be added over time). Don't miss the exciting training of the 16 wild mustangs and expand your knowledge at the same time, comfortably at home! Secure your access to the relay with about 90 videos for only 29,95€ here!

Please support our mission for the Mustangs and be an important part of this unique European movement. Because one thing is important to us, we would like to continue to draw attention to the precarious situation of the American wild horses and impart 360° knowledge about horses, that drives us, even if our economic situation is tense due to the crisis. Not to organize this year would have meant the end of the MUSTANG MAKEOVER. 

Kindest regards from your MUSTANG MAKEOVER Team


We have compiled some information for you here:

Current number of SARS-Cov-2 positive tested n Germany:

Occupancy of intensive care beds in Germany:

Information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) -RKI:

General principles of risk assessment and recommended action for major events - Source recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI):

FAQ on COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) - RKI:


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