What is the difference to the Extreme Mustang Makeover in the USA?

In America the horses are trained as much as possible in 90-100 days. There, training progress counts. This is different in Germany because our event is judged based on trust, harmony and fair play, there is no minimum training progress and we see no difficulties for the horses. We have a very good team of trainers who treat the horses with respect and fair play. In the end, it is not the horse with the most training that wins, but the most harmonious team. This is different from other competitions. A real alternative. The challenges at the event in 2018 consisted of a 'handling' test in which the teams have to prove their suitability for everyday use, a ridden test for the 'adult' mustangs, a trail which shows how deep the trust of the mustangs is to 'their human' and the highlight of the event, the freestyle finale.


Is there a prize money?

Yes, the prize money is 5,000 Euro.


For how much do the horses sell at the auction?

The starting bid is 7,500 Euro. However, after 100 days of training the horse's value is above 10,000 Euro if you calculate the import costs of approximately 7,000 Euro and the training of the horse at about 1,000 Euro per month. Here, one should consider that the trainers invest considerably more time in 'their' mustang than in a normal horse they train. A part of the proceeds goes to the IG MUSTANG e.V., a non-profit organization strives to take care of the horses in the holding facilities in the USA, the other part goes back to the trainer.


When will the auction take place?

The auction will take place after the finale on 25.8.2018. Interested parties must consult and register with the organizers of the event, at best in advance but the latest at the event. After a successful registration and consultation with the organizers, the bidder can get to know the horse of interest at the trainer's.


How do you know the mustangs are in good hands after publicly actioning them off?

Interested parties should register and consult with American Mustang Germany in advance. In addition, the horses are slowly transitioned into their new homes. Trainer, owner and mustang will get to know each other and optimally prepare for taking the mustang home. Due to the large media coverage, the potential buyers are usually interested at an early stage of the makeover. Because of this, they have the chance to visit and get to know the mustang at the trainer's facilities before the event. All our trainers dedicated to 'their' mustang finding a good home. This is why they offer open trainings, consultations and individual appointments with potential buyers.


When do I have to pick up the mustang?

The trainers will gladly take your mustang back to their own facilities. Like this, the trainers offer you the opportunity to get to know your new horse in a relaxed atmosphere. It is important to all trainers to make the transition into the new home as easy as possible for the mustang and its new owner. Because one thing is close to everyone's heart: The mustang and its human partner should be brought together for a lifelong partnership.


How do I know if a mustang is right for me and can I get to know it? 

Through the many pictures, videos and information on our homepage and Facebook page (Mustang Makeover Germany) you can get a good impression of the Mustangs. You can also follow the training of the mustangs on the trainers' pages. If you want to learn more about a specific mustang, you can contact the respective trainer, get advice and get to know the mustang personally. A get-together with the trainer MUST be announced to the organizer ( and presupposes a valid registration as a bidder.


Is there a pre-purchase vet check?

Each potential buyer can have his own veterinarian in Aachen or have a vet check carried out at the trainer's in advance. From will be responsible as The event veterinarian will be the vets of the Klinik Lichtenbuch ( They can conduct a pre purchase exam on Saturday evening. The costs are to be carried by the bidder. We ask the potential bidders to register with the organizer. We also ask you to join up if several persons want to have the same horse examined. This reduces the stress of having the horse examined several times and saves the individual money.


How exactly does the auction work?

Previous to the auction, every interested party must register online for the auction or register at the Mustang Makeover booth at the latest on Sunday. Every registered bidder then receives a bidder's number. With this number he/she can bid on "his/her" mustang during the auction by holding up the number high so it is clearly visible. If you are the highest bidder, a form is signed on the spot with which you go to the registration office to pay.


How can I pay for my horse?

The horse will be paid for directly after the auction. The payment can be made in cash or by card. There is a minimum down payment of 5,500 Euro . The buyer should make sure in advance that he/she has enough money and that higher amounts can be debited from his/her account.


What happens after the auction? Do I have to take my horse with me right away?

After the auction, the horse can be taken back to its trainer. Please inquire in advance about the possibilities of the individual trainers. This will allow you and the horse to get to know each other in a more relaxed manner and to hand over the horse more smoothly. It is important for all trainers to make the transition to the new home for the mustang and the owner as easy as possible. You may also decide to leave the horse in the trainer's care for even longer. Please discuss this with the trainer in advance. If you want to take the horse directly with you, you as the owner are of course free to do so. All horses must have left the CHIO grounds by 10 a.m. on Monday.


As the owner of a mustang, should I pay attention to something special?

In order to become a great partner for the mustang, the future owner should consult with the trainer to ensure the best possible transition for the horse. In addition, the owner should consider in advance where he/she wants to keep the horse, whether he/she has a trainer on site for further training or whether he/she would like to give the horse some time to stay with its event trainer. Further information can be found here