FAQ rund um das Ticketing

Ticket purchasers/holders accept the General Terms and Conditions for the online ordering system of Reservix GmbH, the General Ticket Terms and Conditions (ATGB) of ms marketing CONSULT GmbH and the right of revocation/return, the Event/Tournament Space Regulations ms marketing CONSULT GmbH and the Privacy Policy. 

Current notice regarding Corona:
Due to the existing Corona pandemic, there might be official requirements or restrictions, about which we always inform up-to-date on this website. Visitors accept the protection and hygiene concept valid for the event (www.mustangmakeover.de). Under certain circumstances, admission to the event site may be made dependent on proof of a certain health status due to legal requirements. Please take note of the protection and hygiene concept valid for the event, which will be published on our website (www.mustangmakeover.de) in good time before the start of the event. 

Personalized tickets
Safety always comes first, which is why we may personalize your ticket in 2022 as well. If you want to pass it on or transfer it, please contact us. You are obliged to update the tracking data. If the ticket data and the person do not match, this could lead to long waiting times.

I have a voucher, how can I redeem it?
Select the tickets according to your wishes and enter the voucher code in the shopping cart in the field provided. By clicking on 'Redeem' the voucher code will be automatically taken into account. Remaining credits will be retained, vouchers and remaining credits can also be redeemed for the 2022 event.

Am I supporting the work for the Mustangs with my purchase?
The answer is yes. All of our work is aimed at raising awareness of the Mustangs' situation, improving it, and also increasing the adoption rate. Without funding, this cannot be done as successfully as it has been, so your ticket purchase is important to continue our work. Also our other events or activities have the goal to ensure our work for these wonderful animals.  

Is it worth buying tickets in advance?
Definitely, because the box office prices are higher and the good seats are guaranteed to be sold out or no longer available. 

Are there combination tickets and are they worth it?
We recommend buying a weekend ticket (During Corona Pandemic all seats are fixed seats for the duration of the event) as they are more attractively priced and give you a wide choice of Show, Challenge and Academy.

What are the options for short/day visitors?
Just drop in and see Mustangs, that's what attractive day tickets allow you to do - each of the 2021 day tickets includes a cool show (Saturday: Liberty Cup Final Show, Sunday: MUSTANG MAGIC - Trainer Challenge Final Show followed by an auction).

Are there family tickets?
Children up to and including 5 years of age are admitted free of charge when accompanied by their parents, with no entitlement to a seat. Discounted prices apply for ages 6-17. We have also lowered prices in most categories.

What are the ticket options?
On all days we offer you day tickets, with access to all areas. You can see the exact ticket structure and prices in the "Tickets" section or in the ticket store. 

Can the admission times and the program change?
Yes, we reserve the right to make changes. For current details, please refer to this website, follow the menu item 'Program'.

How do I reach the customer service?
You can reach the RESERVIX customer service from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:30, on Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00 by calling +49 761 88788 11 or by sending an e-mail to tickets@reservix.de. Please have your order or booking number ready. You can find the Reservix contact form here.

What are the fees for online booking?
Tickets from the online store include the advance booking fee. Fees for processing, shipping or other costs are shown separately.

What taxes are included?
All prices include the statutory value-added tax.

How many tickets can I book?
You can purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per booking in the online ticket store. For larger groups, please send us an email at ticket@mustangmakeover.de or call us at 06128 937 6119 and we can help you with the arrangements.

Which tickets can I book in the Online Ticket Shop?
You can purchase tickets for all events in the online ticket store. We would like to arrange tickets and seats for wheelchair users with you personally. Please contact us by e-mail at tickets@mustangmakeover.de or by phone at 06128 937 6119.

Seat reservation?
Seat reservations are only possible in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, either for the entire Saturday and Sunday (Dauerticket PLUS/PREMIUM). 

Is it allowed to bring dogs (animals in general)?
Unfortunately, bringing dogs (animals in general) is not allowed.

Do I have to show the ticket on the premises?
We recommend that you always keep your tickets handy, as our stewards are authorized to carry out checks.

Loss of tickets
No compensation can be made for lost tickets.  

How can I pay?
Bookings via the Internet can be made by credit card (VisaCard, MasterCard, AMEX), PayPal, SOFORT bank transfer or direct debit.

Information about the payment method
Please select the desired payment method and enter the necessary data. Please make sure that your credit card details are complete and correct so that a successful booking of the tickets can be guaranteed.

Can I print@home tickets later?
After you have placed your order, you will receive an e-mail with the link to your print@home ticket at the e-mail address you provided. If you cannot or do not want to print them immediately, you can of course do so at a later date. 

What fees do I have to pay for my order?
We charge a handling fee of €2.00 per order. Depending on the delivery method, additional shipping fees will be charged for sending your tickets by mail. 

What is the card verification digit for credit card payment?
By entering the credit card verification number, the security standard for your ticket booking is increased even further. The credit card check digit is a 3-digit sequence of digits (Amex 4-digit) on your Visa and Mastercard (i.e. no relief embossing), which, in contrast to the name and card number, is not found on usual payment receipts. For Mastercard and VISA, the card check digit includes the last three digits of the numbers in the signature field on the back of the credit card. For Amex, the 4-digit check digit is located on the front.

Reductions for children, young people and disabled persons with proof of eligibility
Discounted tickets for children, youth (6-17 years) and disabled persons are also available. Proof must be shown upon request. Children (up to and including 5 years of age) accompanied by their parents are admitted free of charge to the show grounds, without entitlement to a seat.

Return of tickets
The return of tickets is excluded.

How secure is online booking?
The booking of tickets in our online ticket store is secured by SSL encryption. You can usually recognize this by the Internet address beginning with "https://". The "s" is the mark for the SSL encryption of the data, directly from the call of the online ticket store. The general and special terms and conditions and the privacy policy can be found here.

How and when will I receive my tickets?
The tickets will be sent to you after payment (see shipping costs). Print@Home tickets can be printed on white paper at home, mobile tickets can be saved on your cell phone. Please remember that your cell phone must have sufficient battery capacity and the image must be clearly visible. 

Is the ticket valid for public transport?
The tickets are not valid for public transport.

I have difficulties with the booking, who can I contact?
If you have any questions about booking in the online ticket store, please contact our ticket hotline - Tel. +49 761 88788 11.

Why do I have to give my phone number?
This way we can reach you at short notice if there are any problems with your booking (e.g. incorrect address data) 

Can I hide the price on my ticket?
Yes, the price on the ticket may be made unrecognizable. However, please note that the cash or QR code must be visible for access control.

May I resell my ticket?
Of course, tickets may be passed on to family members or friends if you are unable to attend. However, the commercial resale of tickets - for example on auction platforms - is not permitted. 

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
If you do not remember your password, you can request a new password in the login area using the "Forgotten password" function.

Has my booked event been cancelled or postponed?
Many factors of an event cannot be planned, which is why there can always be event cancellations or postponements. It doesn't matter if an artist falls ill, the stage equipment doesn't arrive on time due to an accident, the weather turns capricious or authorities thwart a festival:

If an event is cancelled or postponed, you will be informed by the respective advance booking office. The prerequisite for this is the provision of a valid e-mail address, telephone number or postal address. If you did not provide any or only incomplete contact details when purchasing your tickets, please contact your ticket office directly after you have learned of the cancellation or postponement. Everything else is regulated in the general terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT: Always check whether there is a note about the event on the organizer's website before you arrive and always leave a valid e-mail address when buying a ticket. In case of an event change you will receive all information by e-mail. In the event of a cancellation, tickets can only be returned to the advance booking office where the tickets were purchased. 

Can I pick up tickets personally at Reservix?
No, tickets ordered online cannot be picked up directly at Reservix or at Reservix advance booking offices. Select your desired delivery method in the order process. For many events, print@home tickets and mobile tickets for smartphones are available. Alternatively, we will be happy to send you your order by mail. You can also buy tickets in person at our advance booking offices near you.

Do I have to register as a new customer?
No, in principle you can order at any time on www.reservix.de without registering. The purpose of registering is to make it faster and easier for you to place your ticket order in the future. In the customer account you can edit your customer data and view your entire order history. 

Was my order successful?
After a successful order you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Please check your e-mails to see if you have received the order confirmation. In rare cases, the order confirmation may be in the spam folder of your mailbox. If this is also not the case, please contact our customer service at +49 761 88788 11. 

Why haven't I received the ticket link for my print@home ticket?
You will receive your print tickets as soon as we have received your payment. If you choose direct debit, we will send you an e-mail with the ticket link as soon as the direct debit for the booking has been collected. This usually takes 1-2 business days. Please also check your spam folder, as our email may have been filtered.

Why haven't my tickets arrived yet?
The delivery times for postal shipping depend on the payment and delivery method you have chosen:

Payment method, postal shipping after xx - delivery time approx.
PayPal, Credit Card, SOFORT Bank Transfer

Germany - 2 to 3 working days
Europe - 3 to 5 working days
worldwide - 5 to 9 working days

We individually consider the date of your booked event and ship in time in any case. In individual cases or e.g. by legal holidays it can come to delays on the post office way. If your order was placed a long time ago and you have not yet received any mail from us, please contact our customer service at +49 761 88788 11. If the event takes place promptly, please contact us immediately.

What does "Your order with Reservix has been cancelled" mean?
If you receive an e-mail with the text "Your order has been cancelled", your order or one of your orders has not been executed. An order at an earlier or later time can still be successful, regardless of this message.

The following causes may be responsible for an abort:
Timeout: After waiting 30 minutes, the ticketing system cancels the order process for security reasons. Premature cancellation of the order: At the end of the ordering process, the user did not click on "Buy now" and thus did not complete the order. Clicked on "Back" in the browser: If the back button in the browser is used in the ordering process, complications may arise. Please only use the correct or back button at the bottom of the order form to go to the previous page. 

What fees do I have to pay for my order?
We charge a handling fee of 2,00 € per order. Depending on the delivery method, additional shipping fees will be charged for sending your ticket by mail.

What gift envelopes are available?
Tickets make an ideal gift, which is why high-quality gift envelopes can be added to an order at the end of the ordering process. These are produced exclusively for Reservix and in very small quantities. We put the ordered tickets together with a greeting text, which you can enter if you have a different delivery address, into your gift envelope. Here you can see which envelopes can be selected in the order process during the calendar year.

What delivery methods are offered?
We charge a handling fee of €2.00 per order.

Print@home and Mobile Ticket: There are no additional costs besides the general handling fee. Standard shipping: The postage for standard shipping is 2,00 €. For standard shipping within Germany we hand over your tickets to Deutsche Post. In this case we are not liable for the loss of your shipment. For a delivery outside Germany, please note the additional fees.

Additional lines postal shipping
Express shipping (standard post plus 11,90 €):The shipment is insured and takes place within one working day. If the tickets have not arrived the next day, please contact us by phone. By means of the shipment number, we can trace the shipping route for you at any time. Orders placed before 2pm can be shipped the same day as express. Please note that orders after 2 p.m. will be shipped on the following day.Shipping by registered mail (standard postage plus 3,70 €): The shipping by registered mail is insured. The dispatch route can be traced at any time by means of the consignment number. The delivery person will drop the registered mail in your mailbox. We recommend registered mail especially for events with free choice of seats and for high-priced tickets. Shipping abroad - EU and Switzerland (standard postage plus € 7.90): For your safety, we send tickets abroad only by registered mail. For shipping to all EU countries and Switzerland, an additional fee of 7.90 € will be charged. Express shipping to foreign countries is unfortunately not possible. Shipping abroad - worldwide (standard postage plus 11,90 €): For your safety we send tickets worldwide exclusively by registered mail. For worldwide shipping the additional shipping fee is 11,90 €. Express shipping to foreign countries is unfortunately not possible. 

For security reasons, shipping by mail is only possible by registered mail or express shipping for orders over 150,00 €. We generally recommend this shipping method for all high-priced tickets. There are no customs duties, taxes or fees for the delivery of tickets to non-EU countries.

What payment methods are available?
In Reservix, the following payment methods are usually available:

PayPal, PayPal Express, SOFORT Überweisung - payment by bank transfer from the bank account during the order process (online banking credentials are required), Credit Card - online payment with a Mastercard, Visa or American Express credit card, Prepayment - payment by bank transfer for selected events up to 21 days before the start of the event. Payment must be made within 5 days of the order, Direct Debit - Payment by direct debit depends on the selected event and is only available as long as tickets can be sent in time. 

How do I get an invoice with VAT?
If you are a business owner and need an invoice, please send us an email with your order number and billing address (if different) to tickets@reservix.de. We will send you an invoice immediately.  

How do I know if discounts are offered?
You will find information about discounts for wheelchair users, customers with a disabled pass, accompanying persons, families, children, seniors, etc., if offered by the organizer:

if the booking is for a specific seat, in the organizer's note after selecting the seats if there is a free choice of seats, in the discount information under "Select number".

Whether discounts are offered and for which groups of people they are valid is the responsibility of the organizer. Reservix unfortunately has no influence on this. Further information for wheelchair users, severely disabled persons and accompanying persons can be found here. The explanation with illustration can be found here.  

How do I create a customer account?
You can register free of charge at any time at www.reservix.de/account/register.

How does the Mobile Ticket work?
You can see whether your event has been activated for Mobile Ticket by the organizer by looking at the smartphone symbol in the order process. The Mobile Ticket will be sent together with the print@home ticket. After a successful order, you will receive an e-mail with the link to your print@home and Mobile Ticket. When you open the link on your smartphone, you can add the Mobile Ticket to your Apple Wallet or an Android app that can read Mobile Tickets.

How does the box office collection work?
Whether tickets can be picked up at the box office or evening box office depends on the organizer. If the organizer allows you to pick up your tickets at the box office, the delivery method "Pick up at the box office" will appear at the end of the order process. In this case, you can pick up your tickets directly at the venue. Unless otherwise stated, please have your order confirmation and an identification document ready. Due to the large administrative effort, the delivery method "box office pick-up" is rarely offered by the organizer. To ensure that you can still purchase tickets quickly and inexpensively, the delivery method print@home is often available as an alternative.

How does print@home work?
With the print@home function, you have the option of printing out your tickets directly from your printer at home after purchasing them. The ticket is securely identified by the barcode at the admission control and automatically validated. All you need is any printer and normal DIN A4 paper.

You can tell whether print@home tickets are available for an event by the printer symbol in the event overview, in the individual date and in the order process when you select the delivery method.

Important: Please note that immediate printing is not possible when paying by direct debit. You will receive the e-mail with the ticket link after receipt of payment, at the latest 2-3 days after booking. Some organizers offer so-called combination tickets, i.e. a ticket is also a ticket for public transport. In the case of print@home tickets, this only applies if the first and last name of each individual passenger was specified during the ordering process. Without this information, the print@home ticket is not a combination ticket, which cannot be changed after booking for technical reasons. Combitickets are only valid as tickets for public transport in printed form as print@home tickets. The Mobile Ticket alone cannot be used as a ticket.

How can I take out/claim for ticket insurance?
Here you can find all the answers on this topic at our ticket partner Reservix.

How can I make changes in my customer account?
Of course you can make changes yourself at any time, e.g. to your address, directly in your customer account. To do this, log in to your account.

How can I use my ticket as a ticket?
It is not valid for public transportation

How can I redeem my voucher?
To redeem a voucher purchased at Reservix, enter the 13 or 14-digit voucher code in the 1st step of the ordering process "Shopping cart" under "Enter voucher code" and confirm it by clicking on "Redeem". Of course you can also redeem your voucher around the clock via our ticket hotline.

Please note:
A voucher can only be redeemed at the issuing promoter or at the issuing advance booking office. A Reservix voucher is a value voucher. The deposited voucher amount may therefore have already been used for an earlier order, which is not noted on the voucher. Also, any remaining value on the voucher may be too low for payment. In this case, an additional payment is required.Partial redemptions are possible - any remaining value remains on the voucher. It is also possible to redeem several vouchers at the same time. 

How can I register for the newsletter?
Click in the header on the button "NEWSLETTER" and enter your e-mail address and click on "Register for Newsletter". After your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not wish to receive any further information, you can unsubscribe at any time via a link in the newsletter.

Data protection notice:
We store and use your e-mail address exclusively for the purpose of sending our newsletter and, of course, do not pass on your data to third parties.

How can I book tickets for the different events at once?
Click on the button "continue shopping" after you have added an item to your shopping cart. 

What are the delivery times for shipping?
The payment method direct debit is offered depending on the selected event and is only available as long as a timely delivery of the tickets is possible.

With the payment method bank transfer (prepayment), the tickets will only be handed over to the shipping department after receipt of payment. The payment must be received within 5 working days, after that the delivery time is the same as for the payment methods credit card and SOFORT Überweisung.

In case of registered mail you will also receive a shipment notification by e-mail. This contains a link to track the shipment. Unfortunately, shipping to packing stations is not possible.

Why does payment by credit card not work?
If the payment method credit card is offered, select the card type, e.g. Visa, Master or American Express. Enter the credit card number without spaces as well as the expiration date ("Good thru") and the printed check digits. These are usually the three digits to the right of the signature field on the back of the card; for AMEX, they are the four digits on the front in the center right.

Problems often occur, for example, with "atypical" usage patterns: If you order tickets from abroad via the Internet or want to pay for tickets several times by credit card, although you have never done so before, your credit card provider may prevent a payment for security reasons. Therefore, please contact your credit card institute first in case of problems.

Typical error codes when a credit card payment is not possible: 

04 - A card was used that is not approved for authorization.
05 - The transaction was not authorized.
09 - Delayed processing during authorization.
12 - The transaction is invalid, e.g. the currency is not allowed.
13 - The limit has been exceeded.
14 - The card number on the magnetic stripe is invalid.
33 - The card has expired.
34 - Transaction not possible due to suspected manipulation.
40 - A function has been performed that is not allowed.
56 - A transaction has been made with an invalid card.
62 - The card is not authorized and is blocked. 

Why doesn't my voucher code work?
A voucher can only be redeemed at the issuing promoter or the issuing advance booking office. A Reservix voucher is a value voucher. The deposited voucher amount may have already been used in a previous order, which is not noted on the voucher. Also, any remaining value left on the voucher may be too low for payment. In this case, an additional payment is necessary. An exchange voucher can be limited in time and space by the issuing organizer. For example, only redeemable in the 2019/2020 season or only for events in the "Great Hall". 

You can find more information about redeeming vouchers here.

Why does my PDF not work or I get a white page?
If you have activated your browser's pop-up blocker, you may not be able to print the PDF.
Solution: Deactivate your pop-up blocker. You can find detailed instructions here.

If you don't have a PDF viewer installed or have an outdated one, the PDF will not be displayed.
Solution: Install or update a PDF viewer. You can find detailed instructions here. Alternatively, you can print the ticket as an image in PNG format. You will find this link at the end of your order on the overview page under the button "Print ticket". 

If the PDF is displayed as a white sheet, the internet browser or PDF viewer is mostly outdated
Solution: Update the PDF viewer, e.g. Adobe Reader and the internet browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox. Alternatively, you can select the following setting for Adobe Acrobat Document on the right side of the window in Mozilla Firefox under Settings > Applications: Use Adobe Reader (default). After that PDF should be displayed correctly again. You can find detailed instructions here 

If you have further problems, please send us an e-mail to tickets@reservix.de. In urgent cases you can reach us Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:30, Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00 by phone +49 761 88788 11. Please have your order or booking number ready. Thank you very much!

Why can't I print the ticket or order confirmation?
If the pop-up blocker of your browser is activated, you may not be able to print the PDF.
Solution: Deactivate your pop-up blocker. Here you can find the instructions for the Internet browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you do not have a PDF reader installed or have an outdated one, the PDF will not be displayed.
Solution: Install or update your PDF reader. Here you can find the instructions for the internet browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Alternatively, you can print the ticket as an image in PNG format. You will find this link at the end of your order on the overview page under the standard button "Print ticket". 

If the PDF is displayed as a white sheet, the error is mostly due to the outdated Internet browser or the installed PDF reader.
Solution: Update the PDF reader, e.g. Adobe Reader and the internet browser, e.g. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you have any further problems, please feel free to send us an e-mail to tickets@reservix.de. In urgent cases you can reach us Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:30, Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00 by calling 0761 88788 11. Please have your order or booking number ready, thank you!

Why can't I order as many tickets as I want (e.g. only 2 tickets)?
Due to police regulations at large events and events with high demand, organizers often set a limit on the number of tickets available per person. At ticket@mustangmakeover.de you can order tickets for 10 or more for you and your friends and get the group discount.

Why can't tickets be exchanged or returned?
Unfortunately, tickets cannot be returned, cancelled or exchanged. You will be expressly informed of the binding nature of a ticket order during the ordering process and in the General Terms and Conditions.

Please note: The Distance Selling Act does not apply to ticket orders.
The background to this is that sporting, leisure and cultural events of all kinds would hardly be plannable and economically feasible with a two-week right of cancellation and return. This is also the view of the legislator, which is why the Distance Selling Act expressly does not apply to the contract concluded between you and the event organizer for the provision of a service in the area of leisure activities § 312g para. 2 no. 9 BGB.

Why do I sometimes have to register and provide a password?
Each event organizer determines individually whether registration of the customer is required when placing an order. For sporting events and major events, customer registration is now standard, both for security reasons and to be able to inform customers promptly in the event of date changes or cancellations.

Is my order securely encrypted?
The transmission is encrypted according to the current TLS standard. Your personal data can neither be read nor manipulated during transmission.

Data security at Reservix is regularly examined and certified: for example, more than 100 quality criteria must be met for the Trusted Shop seal. The PCI DSS seal of approval also confirms that the company's IT systems have been audited by usd AG in accordance with the credit card industry's security standard (PCI DSS) and found to be secure. All details here.

This is how you can tell if SSL encryption is available:
Normally, https (instead of http) appears in the address line of your browser during the ordering process, unless the ticket order has been included in a frame. In this case, no "https" is visible, but your order is still SSL-encrypted and data security is guaranteed. To check this, click on the right mouse button in the Reservix order screen (i.e. exactly where YOU enter your address data). Then go to "Show page information" in Mozilla Firefox or "Properties" in Microsoft Internet Explorer and search for "Address". Here you can see by the https that it is an encrypted, secure page.

Where can I find the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for ticket customers?
Click here for the general terms and conditions of the organizer and here for the general terms and conditions of Reservix www.reservix.de/impressum. 

Where can I find wheelchair spaces and tickets for accompanying persons?
For wheelchair and severely disabled seats as well as seats for accompanying persons that cannot be booked directly through Reservix, please follow the instructions: for seat-specific bookings in the organizer's note after selecting the seatsfor free choice of seats in the discount information at "Select quantity

In case of missing information or further questions, please contact our customer service at +49 761 88788 11 before booking.
Reservix has no influence on the number or position of wheelchair seats. Each organizer determines individually if- and if so, how many wheelchair spaces are offered.

Where can I purchase a gift certificate?
Order gift certificates here https://mustangmakeover.reservix.de

If you need a voucher immediately, you can print it directly with print@home.
If you wish to receive gift certificates by mail, you can add an attractive gift envelope with greeting text to your order. 

Where can I buy tickets?
• Ticket portal https://mustangmakeover.reservix.de - The tickets will be sent after receipt of payment. If the organizer offers print@home, you can print out your ticket yourself at home - a standard printer is sufficient. For many events, you also have the option of downloading a mobile ticket directly to your smartphone. 

• Ticket hotline 01806 700 733 - available around the clock, including weekends and public holidays. (€ 0.20 flat rate from a German landline; € 0.60 from a German mobile network).

• Reservix advance booking offices - Reservix has a very large nationwide network of advance booking offices. Click here to find a Reservix box office near you.

What are service and shipping fees for?
Procurement, storage and administration of all ticket blanks. Checking of all incoming payments with all payment service providers Administration, reminder and partly manual cancellation or collection transfer in case of late payment. Order verification for incorrect or missing information (e.g. house numbers), ticket printing of postal tickets and sorting of all tickets according to standard, registered, foreign, express and parcel shipments. Researching incorrect or missing address information, often consulting with ticket customer in person by telephone. Manually correcting address records (if necessary) to ensure orders arrive on time and safely, packing ticket order; if gift envelope is selected, for example, tickets are repacked by hand. Closing and franking of letter mail as well as scanning so that a shipping confirmation or, in the case of registered mail, a shipment tracking can be sent to the ticket customer by e-mail. Handing over orders to Deutsche Post or manual delivery with courier service providers. Answering various queries about order details, delivery time, wheelchair spaces, etc. by telephone, e-mail, fax and feedback form. Processing of rebooking and cancellation requests as well as clarification of the modalities of the respective organizer. Follow-up in the event of non-arrival of mail items, submit appropriate request to Deutsche Post, check delivery routes, if necessary personal mediation between organizer and ticket customer. In the event of event cancellation or postponement: Individual customer information in writing or - depending on the event date - also by telephone (this is also the reason why you are asked for your telephone number when ordering).