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Yvet Blokesch

My name is Yvet Blokesch. I am 25 years old and ever since I was a little child I was fascinated with horses.

Especially the special ones who struggled in our human world. I have always dreamed about training horses with troubles to gain their trust and to open the doors to become true partners. During the years I have studied and absorbed every information I could get about training horses. I have always been a great admirer of trainers as Ray Hunt and Tom and Bill Dorrence, and I always chase to get a real connection through feel.

With the start of my company Feather Light Horsemanship, my dreams came true. I am training horses for a living everyday and my partner Maik is helping me to accomplish this by doing all the hard work in the stable. At our home we have got place for 20 horses and I daily train a lot of them. I am training horses with troubles or traumas, I am starting young horses to try to give them the best possible start I can, and of course, I am having lots of fun with all of them!

Every training is about getting the horse to perform in a relaxed way, create a positive feeling with the right mindset and learning new stuff! Each day I am learning from each individual horse, as I hope they do from me.

With my day job being my dream I couldn't have whished for anything more. But on top of that a Mustang is coming! Another dream come true! I am feeling blessed and I will do my very best to give this Mustang the same feeling. I can't wait to start this journey!"


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