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Masterson Method (TM) – Mustangs verstehen & vertrauen

The Masterson Method TM

Diese Methode ist eine innovative Form der Körpermassage für Pferde, mit der Verspannungen und Schmerzen erfolgreich beseitigt werden sollen. Die sanfte Behandlung bestimmter Lösungspunkte, das Bewegen von Gelenken in entspanntem Zustand, das Erkennen und Deuten kleinster Signale des Pferdes, eröffnen die Möglichkeiten, das Wohlbefinden, die Gesundheit und die sportliche Leistung des Pferdes dauerhaft zu verbessern. Vertrauen und Harmonie stehen dabei im Vordergrund.

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Hello to all fans of the Mustang Makeover Germany,

I'm very happy, that we are part of this event and are able to bring in our experience in equine bodywork. There are multiple benefits to using the Masterson Method in the training of the Mustang, or any horse. When you can read what the horse’s body is telling you, you not only help him to release physical tension, but the horse begins to trust what you are doing. Also, often a training issue has an underlying physical source. For example, if you are having consistent trouble with a particular movement, or if the horse is having more trouble in one direction than the other, asking the horse to work harder to solve that problem may be creating a physical problem that will show up later. The horse may be trying to tell you something, and you’re not listening. When you learn to read what the horse’s body is telling you, then you eliminate that possibility. I wish Andrea Bethge and Walter Saxe „my Masterson Method Instructor for Germany“ the best effort in working with the mustang and all friends of American Mustang Germany a great time watching this event.

Jim Masterson