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Emotional, gripping and simply special, that is the MUSTANG MAKEOVER - unique in Europe.
The event will take place on schedule on 17-18.20.2020 in the Deutsche Bank Stadium in Aachen. We have developed an effective hygiene concept and coordinated it with the public health department to ensure the greatest possible safety. From 11 October we will send all ticket holders the seats by e-mail. If you have not received an email, please contact us HERE PER MAIL
More information for visitors can be found here.
A ticket conversion into a voucher is no longer possible - if you still cannot/do not want to come, please contact us here. (Requests by phone & e-mail can no longer be answered)

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We invite you to support our personal matter of heart! We want to bring Mustangs to a new home and get attention for them in Europe and all over the world! The COVID-19 pandemic is not easy for us, like you can imagine. BUT the Mustangs are our life, our heart and our passion and that is why we keep on going!In order to be able to keep saving the mustangs from being held in captivity and giving them a new chance at life, we need your help. The mustangs count on YOU to give them the attention they deserve and therefore, we ask you to support them by purchasing our LIVE STREAM tickets.For more information click on the corresponding picture.


The legend of America is threatened more than ever. Due to overpopulation, lasting droughts, dramatic water shortages and political restrictions, mustangs are being captured from the wild and brought to rescue stations. Depending on the rescue station, the horses live together in smaller pens or larger enclosures and can only be treated medically with difficulty, as they are still wild and cannot be touched. There, they often wait years for an adoption and a new life! We want to give them this new life with your help! Through the MUSTANG MAKEOVER we can get a lot of attention to be able to place more Mustangs in a new home. In order to be able to continue to do this, we need your support by securing your livestream ticket today!


Our trainers about the situation in the USA

"From a distance the whole situation still seemed bearable, but now here in the USA the actual situation made me very sad. It is worse than I ever imagined!"

Betty Merkel (2020)

"While in the wild, they occupy a steady job and sense of purpose in the herd, they suddenly have nothing more to do in the holding facility. That makes me pretty sad."

Anna Kannegieter (2020)

"The staff of the BLM is very committed to provide the Mustangs in the sanctuary with enough supplies. But unfortunately, the efforts are not enough to guarantee a species-appropriate life for the horses!"

Lara Tauer (2020)

"Especially for horses I feel a great empathy, and it was very difficult for me to talk about suffering horses in nature as well as to see the mustangs in the rescue stations."

Hero Merkel (2020)


Together we would like to improve the world of horses and especially, the world of mustangs. We want to give you a lot of knowledge and the opportunity to learn with and from mustangs. The MUSTANG MAKEOVER is known as an event of the heart and as a spectator you are right in the middle of it. The income from the tickets helps us to draw attention to the Mustangs all year round, to get Mustangs out of the holding facilities during the year as well, to import the EVENT Mustangs and of course to pay the costs for the EVENT. We offer the coaches an all-year platform, by which they can present themselves and their work to our approximately 150,000 fans. Additionally, a great prize awaits the most harmonious teams. Of course, the coaches will be involved in the sale of "their" EVENT Mustang in the auction. The coaches are also particularly hard hit by the crisis this year and we want to support them the best we can.



From the 17th to 18th October 2020 we will run the MUSTANG MAKEOVER GERMANY in Aachen with a special program and special horses - the mustangs! We have put together a selected program for you with many horses, great trainers and exciting courses and demonstrations of the MAKEOVER ACADEMY. Here you can take 360° knowledge directly home with you.In the incredible final MUSTANG MAGIC, 16 mustangs with 16 trainers from all over Europe will show you what they have achieved in only 140 days.Our Challenge is judged by pro-horse, harmony and trust, for us, the connection between trainer and mustang is the most important! All horses will find homes in the public auction.For more information click on the pictures!


Not only the Mustang from the event found homes in Europe. With the attention we get from the MUSTANG MAKEOVER we try to find homes for many more Mustangs here in Europe. Every Mustang finds a loving home and we are so happy for every horse that gets a new chance! Here you can see how many mustang live a better life because of what we do! To continue our work we need your support now. Buy your video library access or get your LIVESTREAM ticket, everything can help us to find more homes for Mustangs!


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Eventlocation Mustang Makeover:

CHIO Aachen Gelände

Albert-Servais-Allee 50

52070 Aachen


Entrance & Parking

You enter the MUSTANG MAKEOVER premises via the main entrance (Albert-Servais-Allee) - there you will also find many parking spaces (probably 5.00 Euro/day - subject to change).


With the car  

Please enter "Krefelder Straße" as your destination in your navigation system. As soon as you have reached Krefelder Straße, please follow the signs to the public car parks.


Public transportation

After arriving at Aachen main station, Lagerhausstraße, take one of the ASEAG bus lines 1, 11, 14, 21, 44, 46 to Aachen bus station ("Bushof Aachen"), then take the ASEAG bus line 51 to the stop "Sportpark Soers".


Hotels & accommodations

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